ESP is a unique process
based on the latest academic and commercial research which measures, monitors and weights employee engagement and satisfaction to help deliver improved company performance.

If people truly represent an organisation’s greatest assets, why are so many companies reluctant to invest in better understanding of what keeps their employees and key stakeholders satisfied, engaged and performing at the level required?

ESP was developed to make such information more accessible than ever before.

ESP utilises a unique, simple-to-complete, on-line questionnaire developed by industry experts and based on Organisational Psychology theory and practical commercial acumen. ESP helps organisations, regardless of industry or size, measure, and monitor the holistic employee experience to optimise performance.

Designed around five critical pillars of Organisational Personality, Workplace Feeling, Employee-Organisation Fit, Satisfaction and Passion, and Nuts and Bolts, ESP is now available in a category exclusive offer from as little as $45 per employee.*

*Based on ESP Espresso for an organization with over 250 employees.


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"Organisations measure employee satisfaction, but that just scratches the surface of what it means to be an employee of an organisation. The holistic employee experience is about much more than satisfaction and ESP captures this by measuring the remaining facets of the employee experience."

Courtney von Hippel Ph.D., Organisational Psychologist